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Is my Mador watch waterproof?

The water resistance is indicated in the manual. For most Mador watches it is 50 meters. But note, that this refers to the so-called static water pressure. If you wear your Mador watch in water, it could damage the watch. The case was tested for compressive strength, so don’t open the watch by yourself. Let all maintenance work be done by a professional watchmaker. Don’t wear your watch in the ocean because the salt water will damage the bracelet.

What is an automaticwatch/-movement?

With an automatic watch or a clock with an automatic movement, the spring winds up automatically when wearing the watch, so the movement keeps running. The movement of the arm is transmitted through the so-called rotor on the mechanics.

What does power reserve mean?

The power reserve indicates how long an automatic watch continues running without being moved. Since this size is related to a fully wound watch, the actual time may be shorter. This depends on how complete the movement was wound up.

Where can I find the manual for my Mador watch?

You can find the maual for your Mador watch in the packaging. If you lost the manual you can find the manual for your model on this Website and download it.

How do I set the time?

For this question please check you manual.

How do I set the date?

For this question please check you manual.

How do I set the day?

For this question please check you manual.

How do I set the month?

For this question please check you manual.

How do I set the moonphase?

For this question please check you manual.

How do I set the day/night indicator?

For this question please check you manual.

Wie pflege ich das Lederarmband meiner Ma‘dor Uhr?

To clean and care for the leather strap just use special cleaning agents for leather. Avoid contact with harmful substances for leather. Do not put the bracelet completely in water for cleaning and avoid salty water.


How do I care for my Mador Jewellery?

Clean your jewellery with a soft damp cloth. Chemical cleaners are not recommended, because they can damage the surface.

What do I have to avoid?

Please avoid the following influences, to keep your Mador jewellery shiny : Body care products like creams and perfumes can cause a dull film on the jewelry piece. Household cleaners and bleach damage the surface, because of the aggressive ingredients. Also avoid sweating.

How do I store my Mador jewellery?

Each piece of jewelry needs adequate space. Metals can cause scratches on the jewelry and ruin their shine. For this reason you should store your jewelry in a jewelry box with soft ground. In order to tie your bracelets and necklaces in one another, they should be closed. Make sure before storing that your jewelry is dry, otherwise it could be harmed.