Mador strives to fulfill the desire of fashion, luxury and beauty. The sense of beauty is an immortal, eternal feeling that is passed through generation to generation.

At Mador, our designers fill each luxury product with the rhythm of fashion creating trends and new styles. Our precious jewelry is a class of its own and the stands on its own. All of our pieces demonstrate confidence and contributes to the personality of the wearer.

Our hand bags are excellent in design and complete your outfit with a touch of luxury. With a Mador designer watch, you are poised to stand out in the group. Our products help to generate a lot of lasting positive energy due to its simplicity and classic look.

Selected materials, fine workmanship and elegant design are the hallmarks of Mador. Mador has set itself the task to share the passion for fine accessories with all discerning men and women of today.

Passion for fashion!