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With the Diamond Collection, Mador has jet again created another Collection continuing the success of the Crystal Collection. Each and every piece of jewelry from the Diamond Collection has its own unique natural and real diamond besides numerous Swarovski elements which capture each and every ray of light reflecting nothing but glitter and glare. Its inimitable ability to break the light the diamond owes mainly to the famous four C's: Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond, whether there are inclusions and to what extent. These inclusions are the result of the natural development process of the diamond. Color designates the color scale of the diamond. The finest and most expensive diamonds are absolutely colorless. Carat denominates the unit in which the weight of the diamond is measured. Cut refers to the cut of the diamond giving it its shape and brilliance. Only the professional finish makes it the most valuable of all gemstones.

Diamond Collection

  • MAJ1206

    RRP: 195.00 €

  • MAJ1210

    RRP: 165.00 €

  • MAJ1211

    RRP: 165.00 €

  • MAJ1222

    RRP: 219.00 €

  • MAJ1223

    RRP: 159.00 €

  • MAJ1224

    RRP: 199.00 €

  • MAJ1227

    RRP: 215.00 €

  • MAJ1228

    RRP: 169.00 €

  • MAJ1230

    RRP: 165.00 €

  • MAJ1231

    RRP: 175.00 €

  • MAJ1321

    RRP: 135.00 €

  • MAJ1331

    RRP: 195.00 €

  • MAJ1351

    RRP: 259.00 €

  • MAJ1381

    RRP: 299.00 €