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With the Mador Diamond Collection, you will receive a watch of highest quality design that is elegantand fashionable at the same time reflecting the sense of luxury. The Mador Diamond Collection is created with great care and precision. Each diamond is carefully chosen and checked by hand to get its pristine condition. Its unique ability to break the light the diamond owes to the famous four C's: Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. Clarity refers to the purity of the diamond, whether there are inclusions and to what extent. These inclusions result from the natural development process of gemstones. Color represents the color scale. The finest and most expensive diamonds are absolutely colorless. Carat is the unit to measure the weight of the diamond. Cut refers to the cut of the diamond representing its shape and brilliance.Every Mador product is a unique piece of design inspired by latest trends of Paris, Milan, New York, Rio de Janeiro and other fashion capitals.Mador always looks for new designs to create the best styles.

Diamond Collection

  • M-RP15

    RRP: 179.00 €

  • M-RP11-BLACK

    RRP: 189.00 €

  • M-RP02

    RRP: 175.00 €

  • M-X1424-1

    RRP: 119.00 €

  • CB1867

    RRP: 199.00 €


    RRP: 199.00 €